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How to Care for Your Kitchen Island Top?
From£º Date£º7/20/2013
There are many choices of surfacing material for your kitchen island top, including granite, tile and butcher block. The amount of care required for these different materials varies, but if you take the time to maintain the countertop properly, any one of these can be a beautful long-lasting solution.

Kitchen Island Top Problems
When island tops come from the factory they has been manufactured under exact conditions. This means that the moisture content is regulated and it is kiln dried to determined specifications. Once it is unpackaged and exposed to your's atmospheric conditions you may notice a big shift in size. This can result in cracks, dryness and other problems.

Susceptible to Moisture
kitchen island top that is made of butcher block is susceptible to the moisture in the kitchen. Regular coatings of mineral oil and paraffin will help prevent damage and protect the top's beauty and longevity.

Look for Signs of Wear
After a few months of use the kitchen island top may show signs of dullness. This can be the result of either scratches, stains, or a rubbing off of the oils. Keeping an eye out for signs of wear will prevent the damage from becoming significant.

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