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Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite slab
From£º Date£º6/22/2013

Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board
Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board is a new kind of building materials, has a better impact resistance than ordinary natural stone is only 8 ~ 11 kg per square meter, is 1/7 of the normal natural stone weight, compressive strength which is 3 ~ 5 times, completely overcomes the defects such as large natural stone weight, fragile, provides a more superior performance and wider application field of a new generation of building materials. Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board simple speak is about 3 mm to 5 mm stone plate and aluminium honeycomb substrate with adhesive composite together to save both the stone and lighten the weight of the finished product, can good will stone effect is embodied in some buildings have high requirements for bearing. However, because of the material in our domestic application time is not long, has not been applied widespread in building curtain wall decoration, so we should pay attention to not to ordinary stone in the identification of common sense and the physical and chemical indicators to judge the quality of the composite board, must entrust professional testing institutions to test, especially the bonding strength, ageing resistance, resistance to water and material and base material deformation coefficient, etc.
The characteristics of the ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board:
1, light weight, thin marble stone honeycomb composite board is the most can only 3 mm thick, has saved many transportation cost of the building load limitation of cases, it is the best choice.
2, increase strength, stone and aluminum honeycomb panel composite, bending, bending and shearing strength was improved obviously, reduce the breakage rate in the process of transportation, installation and use.
3, ability to resist pollution, improve: ordinary marble slabs during installation or in use process, after half year or one year later, marble surface appear all sorts of different color and stain. Dry hanging stone honeycomb composite board back pin to avoid the metal pendant with stone plastic pollution.
4, are more likely to control the color difference: marble composite panels is made of 1 m2 plate cutting into 3 or 4 pieces into m2 3 or 4 m2. This pattern and color of 3, 4 m2 almost 100% the same, and therefore are more likely to ensure that large area is used, the consistency of the color and pattern.
5, installation is convenient, because have more characteristics, in the process of installation, installation is convenient, improves the efficiency and safety.
6, sound insulation, moistureproof: made of aluminum honeycomb panel with marble composite panels, due to its core made of equilateral hexagon hollow aluminum bees with sound insulation, moistureproof, heat insulation, thermal performance. Thus, these characteristics are far beyond the ordinary does not have the performance characteristics of marble slabs.
7, reduce cost: because of stone composite material thinner, lighter, reduced the cost in transportation installation, but also for the more expensive stone, made of composite panels are compared to the original plate in different degrees after the product price is cheap.

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