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How do you identify the stain stone
From£º Date£º6/7/2013

Stained stone bright colors, but not natural, mainly gloss aspect;

Fracture of the plate can be seen at the level of dye penetration, sometimes edging required weapon possible to see;

Stained stone commonly used stone well, large porosity, high water absorption stone, with the percussion method to identify, natural stone generally sonorous voice;

Coated with oil to increase the gloss of the stone the back of a greasy feeling;
Although the coating gloss stone, but the film strength is not enough, easy to wear, light scratches to see;
Wax to increase the gloss of the stone, with a match or a lighter one baking, wax surface that is lost, true colors emerged
Wipe with toilet paper in the above, if there is a fall color stain stone.

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