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Granite oily protectants proper use
From£º Date£º6/7/2013
Granite is not easy because of weathering, the color is beautiful, high hardness, wear resistance and other characteristics, are increasingly being used in advanced architectural engineering, the hall floor and so on. But granite porous, need to be sealed after installation. The following is some knowledge of sealing granite countertops.
Before sealing
Note: Not all are required to seal granite countertops. So how do you determine or need sealing it? As a simple test: a few drops of water to the granite countertop. Water penetration into the countertop surface recording time. If the penetration is less than the time spent 3,4 minutes, it shows that granite countertops be sealed. If you do not need a longer time penetration seals.
You can also drop two drops of water into the granite countertop, wipe off after about 30 minutes. If the granite would not have been completely sealed water damage. If there is water damage need to seal.
Penetrating protectant
Permeable stone Protectant is oily, so they penetrate deeper, faster, and protects the structure of granite and other natural stone effect. These oil-repellant protection "from the inside out." They are easy to use, so you can do it yourself sealed. Penetrating protectant spread directly from the granite surface, preferably using a soft cloth. They penetrate inside granite, but will not leave any film on the surface or coating. What does this mean? This shows that the stone house is protected while the surface does not. Permeable protective agent for granite is enough, but for calcium stones such as agate, marble, travertine, limestone, etc. is inadequate. These natural stone may darken, but even acid will corrode the surface.
How to correctly use oil repellant granite
1 sealing the table into several parts, each about 4-5 feet, so that more uniform seal.
(2) with a cloth lightly coated onto the oily protectants granite countertop. You can also use a soft brush.
3 stand for 3-4 minutes until the protective agent is absorbed.
4 When protectants almost dry and do it again. Protectant is less than the amount of the first, with a clean soft cloth coat evenly.
5 Repeat the above steps until the entire table is complete.
6.2 hours later from the beginning these steps. Protective agent penetration depends on its brand. Some repellant quickly, but some slower. Best to read the next instruction manual.
Oil repellant can protect granite countertops, but only this is not enough, if you want to keep bright as new granite countertops need to be cleaned periodically. Prepare some stone soap (natural plant soap also). Stone in the regular deep cleaning soap formed a thin layer of film. They help prevent dirt, debris contamination granite countertops, they function the same as with the washing liquid, but more modest, more secure.

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